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Lift refurbishment in the block of flats

Because the eight-storey building is primarily inhabited by senior citizens, the lift could not be simply taken out of commission during refurbishment without a replacement – that was totally inconceivable! The building owner sought after an inexpensive alternative to also give the inhabitants unobstructed access to the building and the individual storeys during refurbishment of the lifts.

GEDA MULTILIFT P18 in Kaufering, Deutschland/Germany


A project tailor-made for the GEDA Multilift P18 S! This product was successfully introduced to the Dutch market many years ago by the Bavarian lift manufacturer GEDA-Dechentreiter GmbH & Co.KG. Application in the home market in Bavaria is good acknowledgement for the future orientated development work of GEDA.


Temporary alternative from GEDA


It is not unusual that lifts in blocks of flats are out of commission because of refurbishment, maintenance, repair or for new installation. Many years ago, GEDA already recognized that there is a substantial requirement for a temporary alternative especially for such applications and has provided the perfect "interim solution" for the interim period: Whilst the actual lift in the block is being refurbished, a lift is temporarily installed on the external facade of the building – the GEDA Multilift P18 S.


The fact that the population is becoming older and more older people will be alive in the future, rethinking is required in many sectors – and that begins with such banal things as the lift in blocks of flats!



In the Upper Bavarian town of Kaufering, lifts in three similar blocks of flats have been consecutively refurbished. The GEDA Multilift P18 S was in use on each building for approx. 5 weeks. The installation height was 22 m and stopping at 8 positions was possible.

Easy operation of the lift


In particular, the GEDA Multilift P18 S could convince the building owner with the following arguments: little space required, but optimum interior space. Thereby of course, the operation of the lift was convenient, but as simple as possible; the senior citizens could not be confronted with a high-tech construction. The GEDA Multilift P18 S is designed for the transportation of up to 12 persons. The lift can be set up to a height of 100 m, whereby the maximum payload is 1,000 kg.


The cabin of the GEDA Multilift P18 S has an emergency telephone. The operator of the lift designates an emergency number so that a manned rescue control-centre can be contacted at all times by pressing a button.


Application of the GEDA Multilift P18 S was a great relief to the senior citizens of Kaufering and really worth its weight in gold: during refurbishment, they could remain in their familiar environment and still attend to their daily requirements. The rural district of Landsberg am Lech also saved money: the costs for relocating all inhabitants in the local hotels would have cost a fortune.

GEDA MULTILIFT P18 in Kaufering, Deutschland/Germany_2
GEDA MULTILIFT P18 in Kaufering, Deutschland/Germany_3
GEDA MULTILIFT P18 in Kaufering, Deutschland/Germany_4

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